Culinary Delight

...for all senses.

For us pleasure means appealing to all the senses. Which includes smelling familiar but perhaps also some new aromas from our cuisine. Seeing a variety of bright regional ingredients on your plate. Listening to the crunch of fresh ingredients between your teeth and the pouring of superb wines. Tasting a wide variety of herbs and spices. And finally feeling a satisfied sensation in your stomach – and in your heart.

Rote Rübenknödel mit Krenschaum Hotel Marten in Saalbach-Hinterglemm

Whether as a hotel or a restaurant guest – you can really savour our Marten cuisine!
We look forward to serving you moments of pleasure on a silver tray.

Feel free to make a reservation by telephone on +43 (0)6541 6493 or contact us by email at